CNBC released its annual report on state competitiveness a few weeks ago and the results were surprising in some categories. Measured by overall competitiveness, Washington State led the nation and was followed in order by Georgia, Minnesota, Texas and North Carolina. At the other end of the spectrum, West Virginia was the least competitive along with Hawaii and Mississippi. Interestingly, Washington was 31st in business friendliness and 32nd in the cost of doing business, while Mississippi ranked #1 in cost of doing business and cost of living but 48th overall. New Hampshire, 18th in the overall measurement came in first in the business friendliness category. And, on the broad subject of reports and surveys, we were pleased to see that Dunkin’ was recognized as the 3rd best franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine in their annual listing of the Franchise 500. In 2017 Franchise 500 Rankings, Dunkin’ finished just behind leader 7-Eleven and 2nd place finisher, McDonald’s