Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed the Victims Economic Safety and Security Act (VESSA) into law earlier this summer with it becoming effective on August 28. On that date, Missouri joined a number of other states in extending unpaid leave to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. VESSA applies to all employers in Missouri with at least 20 employees and mandates one week of unpaid leave from employers with 20-49 employees and two weeks unpaid leave for those with 50 or more workers. In addition, the law requires that covered employers must also provide formal notice to employees of their rights under the law by October 27, 2021. The leave may be taken all at once or intermittently and may be used for a host of reasons addressing domestic violence or sexual abuse. Also taking effect on August 28 in the Show Me State was a very timely COVID-19 Liability law that provides additional protection for Missouri businesses. The law creates a rebuttable presumption in those cases where a business has posted a conspicuously written warning at the entrance that the plaintiff is assuming the risk of COVID-19 by entering. If the business posts the very specific language as directed by the statute, then the business is protected from all civil liability for COVID except for cases of recklessness or willful misconduct.