We’re happy to advise that the Missouri legislature overrode (by only a single vote in the senate) a veto by Governor Jay Nixon of a bill that prohibits local communities from establishing their own minimum wage in excess of the state minimum of $7.65 an hour.  You will recall that earlier this summer, the state’s two largest cities, Kansas City and St. Louis, each passed local ordinances relating minimum wage increases, notwithstanding the passage of the pre-emption bill, but there’s court action on both this week.  A state court has ordered the Kansas City Council to remove a local minimum wage question from the November ballot because of the legislative override.  The St. Louis situation is a bit different, primarily because they created the local minimum wage to be effective August 25 of this year.  The statewide preemption specifically states that it does not affect any local ordinance in effect on August 28, 2015.  The law has been challenged by local businesses and is still pending before the courts with a hearing expected next week.  The judge plans to issue his final ruling on the validity of the law before the October 15 effective date.