An effort by organized labor to rescind that state’s right to work law through a ballot petition was put back on track last week when the Missouri Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling and restored the original language of a ballot petition being pushed by union groups. The state’s AFL-CIO is collecting signatures on the petition hoping to get it on the ballot in November. The lower court found in favor of the plaintiffs that the language of the petition was misleading and incomplete, but the Appeals court disagreed and restored the original wording of the petition summary. Notwithstanding the wording, proponents of the ballot initiative must collect 100,000 voter signatures by the end of this month (actually August 28) in order for the petition to advance to the November ballot. The right to work law they seek to overturn prohibits employers from requiring workers to join the union as a condition of employment. Missouri is one of 30 states around the country that have adopted Right-to-Work laws.