As we’ve seen in the past on an array of different initiatives, a new government mandate in one community will soon be replicated elsewhere with the effect being a wave across the country.  The soda tax idea is just the latest in an unfortunately long line of taxes, regulations and mandates.  Aside from the Philadelphia tax we just mentioned, the issue is being considered in venues as different as New York (again), Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida.  In New York, the state’s Hospital Association president has endorsed the idea of a statewide soda tax as a means by which hospitals can recoup monies they fear losing if President Trump dismantles Obamacare, oh yeah and he thinks it might help with obesity too!  Clearly, his concern is all about the money.  In Oklahoma, a former legislator Jerry Ellis is making noise about filing legislation to impose taxes on soda sales at a nickel for 12 ounces.  Notwithstanding, no formal legislation imposing the tax has been filed, but it is likely only a matter of time.  And, none other than Harvard University researcher has come out with a study claiming that Jacksonville Florida could save $40 million by imposing a new 1-cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks.  Harvard researcher Steve Gortmaker reports that such a tax would “net” Duval County taxpayers $40 million in new revenue – oh and yes, it might help with obesity.  When it’s not about money, but rather is to lead to better health – know that it really is about the money!