It seems as though of late reporting on some issue relating third-party delivery firms and municipalities taking action against them is becoming a weekly feature! About a month ago, we advised that New York City joined San Francisco in capping delivery fees; then the City of San Diego was mandating an itemized breakdown of fees for each delivery, followed by Chicago filing a lawsuit against GrubHub and DoorDash. Then DoorDash turned the tables and sued NYC over an ordinance requiring them to share private customer information with restaurants upon demand; and then, Seattle required 3rd party delivery firms to have a written contract with restaurants before they could deliver. Well, now New York City is back in the lead as last week the city council passed a slate of bills aimed at “helping” delivery firm employees by setting minimum pay for gig workers, allowing delivery workers use of restaurant bathrooms and limiting how far they can be asked to travel to deliver. Additionally, the legislation, which is pending Mayor de Blasio’s approval, also sets minimum payments per trip and mandates that tips go to the workers. The legislation was drafted in part by Los Deliveristas Unidos (LDU), a collective of mostly immigrant app delivery workers in conjunction with SEIU Local 32BJ, NYC’s largest service workers union.