Last week, we advised you of some of the movement in different states around the idea of shielding private businesses from COVID-19 lawsuits so long as they operate within the parameters of various government edicts (state or federal regulations, executive orders or guidance. Up to this point, the focus has almost exclusively been protecting the healthcare industry and its workers from COVID-19 related lawsuits and in fact, a majority of states offer some kind of limit or other on liability for health care workers. But, more are expanding that protection. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed Senate bill 1946 into law, providing all private businesses with immunity from employee lawsuits for exposure (real or potential) to COVID-19, so long as the businesses have acted in compliance with written federal or state regulations, executive orders or guidance. Likewise, Wyoming now provides immunity for private businesses from COVID-19 exposure lawsuits through June 30, 2021.