Since 2018 when Virginia became a democratic trifecta state (the Governor’s Office and both legislative branches in democratic hands), the changes to its employment laws have seemed to come fast and furious!. In addition to changes we’ve advised in prior issues, effective next Wednesday – July 1, Old Dominion will expand its current Ban the Box law to prohibit employers from requiring job applicants to disclose information concerning any arrest, criminal charge or conviction for simple possession of marijuana. In addition, it goes even further by giving applicants a statutory right not to disclose such information to prospective employers. Beyond Ban the Box, the Commonwealth is on the precipice of adopting statewide coronavirus-era safety regulations which Governor Northam’s office claims is in response to a lack of enforcement by OSHA. The current proposal includes rules requiring businesses to develop protocols for staff dealing with COVID-19 symptoms, prohibiting employees believe to have the virus from coming to work, adopting social distancing and sanitization practices, and forcing employers to notify employees of potential virus exposure with 24 hours! The Virginia Poultry Federation and the Virginia Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business the oppose the proposal arguing the additional red tape associated with complying will place an undue burden on companies already struggling to survive.