As we predicted over the past few weeks, New Jersey gave its official blessing to more minimum wage increases up to $15 per hour effective by 2024 yesterday when both branches of the New Jersey legislature passed S.15 and sent it on to the Governor. The bill has enjoyed support from Governor Phil Murphy for the past 2 years, so he will sign it into law. The final version bumps the state minimum up to $10 this July, $11 in January and $1 each subsequent year until it reaches $15 in 2024. Not to be outdone, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf filed legislation this week to increase the $7.75 minimum wage in the Keystone State to $12 this July, then increasing by $0.50 each year thereafter until it reaches $15/hour in 2025. And, down in Florida, Orlando trial attorney John Morgan announced earlier this week that he had collected the requisite signatures needed to send his $15 ballot measure to the Florida Supreme Court for judicial clearance. Morgan has targeted his ballot measure—which would also raise the tipped wage to roughly $12 an hour—for the 2020 election.