It seems to be the issue that gives us more and more fodder each week and this week is no exception to highlight minimum wage issues.  First off, there is still a great deal of activity in Missouri over the question as municipalities scramble to try and beat the August 28 effective date of a bill pending before Governor Jay Nixon.  House bill 722, which must be vetoed by July 14 or it will become law without the governor’s signature, prohibits cities and towns from establishing local minimum wages in excess of the state minimum.  Both St. Louis and Kansas City have ordinances pending that would do precisely that.  Elsewhere, city “leaders” in Portland Maine aren’t quite sure whether they want to keep a bill they passed earlier week or not.  The City Council ‘in its wisdom’ passed an ordinance on Monday establishing a city minimum wage of $10.10/hour effective January 1, 2016 and rising to $10.68/hour in 2017 and in 2018 will be pegged to the Consumer Price Index.  On Wednesday, they “were surprised to learn” that the two-day old ordinance, which had been championed by Mayor Michael Brennan, also applied to tipped employees (currently paid a minimum of $3.75/hour), bumping their pay up to $6.35/hour.  Maybe they just had to pass the ordinance to learn what was in it?  And, last but not least, let’s head back to California for some levity.  Although it shouldn’t impact many Dunkin’ franchise owners, a bill is pending before Governor Jerry Brown that would classify all cheerleaders for state-based professional sports teams as team employees and thereby provide them with a minimum wage guarantee, overtime pay, health care benefits and sick leave as well as other worker protections.  The bill follows a lawsuit alleging labor violations filed by an Oakland Raiders cheerleader last year.  If the governor signs the bill, it would be the biggest Oakland Raider win in a long time!