In the seemingly endless weekly drumbeat of minimum wage issues around the country, we see some quick movement in the cities of St. Louis and Kansas City in Missouri.  The drive stems from a pending bill that ironically prohibits cities/towns from establishing their own minimum wage and from banning plastic bags.  HB722, which passed the legislature and is currently awaiting approval by Governor Jay Nixon, prohibits local minimum wages, save any law that is in place on August 28, 2015.  That “window of opportunity” is what prompted both cities to expedite their push for a $15 minimum wage – by August 28!  The issue is nearing a decision in New York state, where Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Wage Board has held their last of four meetings around the state on the question of establishing a separate (read: higher) minimum wage for fast food workers.  Cuomo established the Board, which doesn’t need legislative approval, last month.  They are not expected to deliberate long before coming out with their recommendation.  No restauranteurs are on the Board, but one of the 3 members is the Mike Fishman, Secretary–Treasurer of Service Employees International Union (SEIU)!!  Fair and impartial, I’m sure . . . The final bit of news on minimum wages this week comes out of Maine, where the battle has see-sawed between pro-business Governor Paul LePage and the less business-minded legislature.  At this juncture, it appears that a bill to increase the minimum statewide will die between the legislative branches, as will the Governor’s bill that would prohibit local communities from establishing minimum wages.  Labor activists plan to put the question on the fall ballot for voters to decide.