The situation is somewhat similar down in Arkansas, where a ballot question is slated to be on the state November ballot. Earlier this week, a lawsuit was filed in the Arkansas Supreme Court by a coalition of business interests challenging the initiative and asking the court to order the initiative removed from the November ballot. The suit alleges that thousands of the signatures collected were invalid, that paid signature gatherers were not properly background checked for criminal records, nor were their home addresses provided, all required by law. If allowed on the ballot and passed by voters, the proposal calls for the state minimum wage, currently $8.50, to be increased incrementally to $11 an hour by 2021. The coalition was created as Arkansans for a Strong Economy by the state Chamber of Commerce and the Arkansas Hospitality Association. Just north of Arkansas, the effort to pass a minimum wage hike in Missouri received a $3 million boost over the weekend with a dark money contribution to the effort by the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a Washington-DC nonprofit that is not required to reveal its donors. The effort to pass the wage hike petition is tied to liberal efforts to boost liberal voter turnout in order to enhance the reelection chances of incumbent democratic US Senator Claire McCaskill, who is considered politically vulnerable this year.