Now that we’ve turned the calendar and 2018 is officially here, we want to remind you once again that as of this past Monday (January 1, 2018), the minimum wage in 18 different states was increased. We advise and caution all to ensure that you are in compliance with the state minimum wage , whether it recently increased or not. The 18 states and the new minimums are as follows: Alaska: $9.84, Arizona: $10.50, California: $11.00, Colorado: $10.20, Florida: $8.25, Hawaii: $10.10, Maine: $10.00, Michigan: $9.25, Minnesota: $9.65, Missouri: $7.85, Montana: $8.30, New Jersey: $8.60, New York: $10.40, Ohio: $8.30, Rhode Island: $10.10, South Dakota: $8.85, Vermont: $10.50 and Washington: $11.50. Further, there are a number of cities and towns within different states that have established their own local minimum wages, so it wouldn’t hurt to check with the local government as well.