We’ve been advised by our employment counsel, Morgan Brown & Joy of an apparent glitch in Massachusetts’ legislation signed into law back in the summer. The law, known as the “Grand Bargain” for reasons that elude me, included a 5-year gradual elimination of mandatory premium pay for work on Sundays and holidays in exchange for increases in the minimum wage and the implementation of paid family and medical leave. However, mandatory premium pay for non-exempt employees was not changed for New Year’s Day, Veteran’s Day and Columbus Day, so the Grand Bargain notwithstanding, employers must continue to pay their non-exempt employees time and a half for work performed on these 3 holidays. The law incrementally reduces the multiplier for Sunday and holiday premium pay until the premium pay is eliminated as of January 1, 2023 – except of course, for the three aforementioned holidays. We should not expect any corrective legislation to move through the legislature anytime soon!