Two weeks ago in Small Regular No Sugar!, we told you of a possible change of heart by the city fathers in Emeryville, California. The city council there saw the negative impact that its aggressive increases to the minimum wage were having on businesses and gave initial approval by a 3-2 vote to delaying the July 1 increase indefinitely. Not quite the case in Sonoma, CA, where the city council went the other way and gave final approval to a measure accelerating the local minimum wage increase to $13.50/hour for large businesses and $12.50/hour for small businesses as of January 1, 2020. Subsequently, the rate will incrementally increase over a 3 year period to $17 and $16/hour respectively by January, 2023. That increase may be already done, but a significant hike in the Delaware state minimum wage cleared its first major hurdles this week with approval by state senate committees of a bill increasing the $8.75 minimum (scheduled to go to $9.25 in October) to $15 by 2024. The bill calls for the $9.25 October wage to increase to $11 in January and then $1 each year thereafter until it reaches $15 in 2024. The legislature is in session this year until June 30.