We hope it is not lost on our subscribers the importance of their participating in events such as the CFA Lobby Day Forum or contributing to the CFA PAC, but to underscore the significance, consider the following. The Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) – some of whose troubles we told you of last week – nonetheless spent time in New Hampshire last week with its non-profit subsidiary, One Fair Wage, putting political pressure on New Hampshire Senators Maggie Hassan and Jeanne Shaheen, both democrats who voted against advancing the Raise the Wage Act earlier this spring. Notwithstanding their votes, One Fair Wage was working the Senators in their home state for future efforts to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour. In addition, the organization two weeks ago filed a ballot initiative for 2022 to eliminate the tip credit in the Nation’s Capital and instead require all restaurant workers to be paid a flat minimum wage, which increased to $15.20/hour as of July 1. Also this week, the organization announced a new $1 million relief fund for their members to help keep them in the restaurant industry and advocating for increased wages for restaurant workers. The fund, which they’ve named “Wages Can’t Wait: The Service Worker’s Action and Relief Fund”, will provide funds to keep workers engaged and fighting to push for wage increases and other benefits – coming directly out of your pocket! Shouldn’t you at least stay involved politically to defend your business? So, look again at attending the CFA Lobby Day Forum or donating to CFA PAC!