The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in a challenge to the state right to work law. Kentucky labor leaders sued Governor Matt Brevin after he signed right to work into law in January 2017.  The state legislature adopted it in response to a number of counties throughout the Bluegrass State passing their own versions at the county level. The state AFL-CIO and Teamsters Union challenged the law, arguing that right to work provisions violated the Kentucky State Constitution. That challenge was dismissed by Franklin County Circuit Court judge Thomas Wingate in January of this year, but union leaders appealed that decision to the state Supreme Court, where oral arguments will be heard today. Counties in New Mexico are following a similar tact with a number of them adopting right to work ordinances at the local and county levels. Just this week, Commissioners in San Juan County voted 4-1 in favor of a right to work ordinance and thereby became the eighth county in New Mexico to adopt right to work. The New Mexico state legislature has yet to deal with the issue.