So at first, there are allegations of voter fraud and the like, then the obligatory calls for recount, and now the new legal phenomenon of “vote harvesting” but after all that fails, just have lame duck legislators change the powers the elected winners will have once they assume office! That is precisely what is happening right now in a couple of states, Wisconsin and Michigan in particular! In Wisconsin, the republican controlled legislature has already passed and sent legislation to lame duck Governor Scott Walker that wrests control of the state job agency from the Governor and otherwise limits the powers of incoming Attorney General Jason Kaul to remove the state from federal partnerships. It is unclear at this point if outgoing Governor Walker will sign the legislation or veto it as Evers has requested of him. In Michigan, it’s a similar but less extreme effort. There, the outgoing republican legislature is considering a number of bills that would limit the legal reach of incoming officials on a host of specific issues. One example is their effort to shift oversight of the state campaign finance law from the secretary of state to a new commission, which would have an equal number of Republican and Democratic members. A separate Michigan bill would prohibit agencies from requiring nonprofits to disclose their donors while still another gives the legislature authority to intervene in court cases in light of some positions taken by the incoming democratic attorney general. Sadly, this is not a new tactic as it’s been done in other states recently and goes all the way back to the administration of 7th US President Andrew Jackson at the federal level.