Despite approval of 2 articles of impeachment against the President this week in the US House, the more impactful news these weeks may be coming out of the National Labor Relations Board. Nothing will change when the impeachment articles are rejected by the Senate, but the NLRB has made some big changes that will reverberate for some time to come. First off, the sole remaining democrat member, Lauren McFerran, saw her term expire on Monday amid release of a number of important year-end decisions with her being the lone dissent. Last week, the Board directed approval of a $172,000 settlement offer in the McDonalds “joint employer” case that was initiated five years ago by the Obama-appointed NLRB General Counsel. In Caesars Entertainment, the Board reversed an Obama-era decision that said workers had a presumptive right to use company email for non-work purposes. The Board’s decision effectively reinstates a 2007 decision that gave employers authority to restrict worker use of the company email system. Addition, the decision in Apogee Retail LLC overturns another Obama-era decision from 2015 that said employees have the right to discuss workplace investigations unless management can prove that doing so would harm the investigation. And last week, NLRB posted a final rule in the federal register changing the process in advance of union representation elections and requiring disputes over the scope of a bargaining unit to be litigated pre-election hearings – reversing yet another Obama-era rule on “quickie elections”. Heading into the New Year, the NLRB enjoys a three-member all-Republican quorum that will likely continue for some time. The White House has yet to nominate anyone to fill the 2 open democratic seats on the Board and is in no hurry to do so.