Dunkin’ Donuts chef Jeff Miller presents the new savory afternoon items available to purchase at the Buffalo locations of the fast food chain. Miller is a Kenmore native and was the driving force behind the creation of the new menu.

Danielle Haynes reports in The Tonawanda News that Dunkin’ Donuts just launched a new menu of savory afternoon items created exclusively for Buffalonians, by a Buffalonian. Well, a Kenmore native, actually.

Jeff Miller, a 1994 Kenmore West graduate and Dunkin’ Donuts chef, was the driving force behind the creation of the new menu and it was because of his ties to this community that he was chosen to work on the product development.

“It was a really great chance,” Miller said. “I got the notification that we wanted to come up with a great line of sandwiches for Buffalo, and they said, ‘We know the guy to get behind that.’ So they put me on the team and we worked with some local folks here in the market to decide what we were going to put on the menu.”

Dunkin’ Donuts already had an existing menu of lunch and dinnertime items with their flatbread sandwiches, but Miller said the company realized it was time to expand.

“I think we’re one of those good chains that sells breakfast all day, so people are coming to us all day. We listen to our customers in this area and they said they were really looking for these types of products from us. We wanted to roll it out and give them what they wanted,” Miller said.

The new menu, which debuted April 5, includes four new sandwiches: Roast beef with cheddar cheese and horseradish on a French roll; turkey and bacon sandwich with cheddar cheese and ancho sauce on a French roll; tuna salad on a bagel; and chicken salad on a croissant. Additionally, they’ve introduced three soups: Chicken noodle, tomato and broccoli cheddar.

The items are exclusive to the 34 Dunkin’ Donut restaurants located within the Buffalo area and have been designed with local tastes in mind.

“You’re in Buffalo, you know you have to have a good roast beef sandwich,” Miller said. “It’s a familiar flavor with a little bit of a twist. We have Buffalo wings in the area, so the spicy sauce (in the turkey bacon sandwich) was a little nod to that.”

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