A few weeks ago, we advised of a Social Security Administration email alert regarding E-Verify Tentative Nonconfirmations (mismatches) no longer being available after July 15. On Wednesday of this week, E-Verify updated the Initial Enrollment process which includes new screens to ensure consistency with other updated pages in E-Verify. As a result, there will be several changes that employers should be aware of. The following comes directly from the E-Verify Update email: “Anyone enrolling a company in E-Verify will have to set up a temporary user account to complete the enrollment process. This person is called the Enrollment Point of Contact (POC). The Enrollment POC is a different role that a POC on the E-Verify account and can only access E-Verify to complete a company enrollment. The person identified as the MOU signatory will become the E-Verify POC. Program administrators added during enrollment will not become E-Verify POCs. Corporate administrators are not required to sign an MOU. As a result, the Corporate Administrator user will be the E-Verify POC. Only one corporate administrator user can be added during the enrollment process. Corporate Administrators that add a new child company location (employer) are required to add an MOU signatory and at least one Program Administrator for the child company they are enrolling in E-Verify.” Now, that’s what I call government-speak! With questions for E-Verify, email: e-verify@uscis.dhs.gov.