It was a good fight, but in the end, the New Hampshire House of Representatives blocked one of new Governor Chris Sununu’s major priorities when it voted down republican-endorsed Right-to-Work legislation by a vote of 200 – 177. The issue will be dead for the entirety of the Governor’s first 2-year term (New Hampshire & Vermont are the only states with 2-year gubernatorial terms). After defeating the effort, the House voted to ban consideration of any right-to-work legislation for the balance of the current session. New Hampshire legislative sessions are two-year sessions, so the issue can’t be considered again until 2019. Elsewhere, we understand that the village of Lincolnshire, Illinois has formally appealed a decision of US District Court that struck down the local community’s new right-to-work ordinance. On the broader subject of Right-to-Work, we found this story on Bloomberg Business quite informative.