On a party line vote of 21 -18, the New Jersey Senate last week followed the lead of the state Assembly and sent a new minimum wage bill to Governor Christie for his signature.  He is expected to veto the legislation as he has in the past.  The bill (S.15) will hike the state minimum to $15/hour in 2021, beginning with a $1.62 per hour increase this coming January.  Subsequently, the wage will jump $1.25 per year until it reaches the “magic” $15 mark in 2021.  Democratic leaders in both the Assembly and the Senate have threatened to place the question before the voters in November should the Governor veto the bill.  A constitutional amendment increasing the minimum wage passed on the ballot in 2013 after Christie vetoed an increase from $7.25 to $8.25 the prior year.  That amendment tied future increases to inflation and that economic trigger yielded an increase of 13 cents in 2015, but no increase at all in 2016.  So, advocates got the automatic adjustments they wanted in 2013, but now that those adjustments didn’t work the way they hoped, they’re calling for a mulligan!!