Despite the fact that New Jersey is a democratic trifecta state (all three branches of government controlled by democrats), there is an old-fashioned standoff in the Garden State over a Millionaire Tax proposal. Governor Phil Murphy has strongly advocated for adoption of an extra tax on incomes over $1 million, but thus far, legislative leaders have shown no inclination to go along with the proposal. Most recently, budget committees in both legislative branches approved identical versions of the FY20 state budget ($38 Billion) without including the additional millionaire tax. Murphy has intimated that the final budget must include the increased levy on high incomes, but hasn’t specifically said that he would veto the budget, absent the millionaire tax. Interestingly, the legislature passed a millionaire tax several years running back a few years ago which republican and then-Governor Chris Christie vetoed each year. Last year, New Jersey did increase taxes (from 8.97% to 10.75%) on individuals with over $5 million in income. And finally, in this era of enhanced awareness of sexual harassment, New Jersey law now requires that hotels with at least 100 rooms provide workers that are cleaning rooms with wearable “panic buttons” to facilitate their calling for help should it become necessary. Murphy highlighted the fact that New Jersey is the first to do so.