As courts strike down more of the Obama administration’s revised regulations, one of them that may most directly impact franchising served as the basis for another class action suit this week as more employees with a grievance try to get the “deep pockets” into court for liability.  This case was brought in Cook County, Illinois by two former delivery drivers for two sister trucking companies contracted by online retail giant, Amazon.  They allege that the trucking company for which they worked did not pay overtime they claim they were owed under Illinois law and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The suit contends that Amazon acted as a joint employer according to the revised definition issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  The suit contends that drivers for the two companies are trained by Amazon staff and take their daily instruction from Amazon employees.  Further, it’s alleged that Amazon exercises significant control and even plays a part in employee evaluations and discipline.  The level of control is a significant component in the Browning-Ferris decision that established the new definition as well as another pending against McDonald’s.  A decision is close in the challenge to the NLRB in Browning-Ferris as final briefs in the appeal of that decision were filed by all parties last week. We’ll keep you posted!