New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez made good on a promise earlier this month when she vetoed two different minimum wage bills passed by the New Mexico legislature. The first, HB 442, provided for an increase in the current $7.50 per hour minimum to $9.25 an hour and would have also prohibited local governments from passing or enabling local laws that mandate advance notice of work schedules to employees. The other bill vetoed, SB 386, provided for an increase in the state minimum to $9.00 and would also have established a statewide “training wage”. The Governor in the past has expressed support for increasing the minimum wage to something in the range of $8 – $9 an hour. With the Missouri Supreme Court declining to reconsider an earlier ruling on St. Louis’ $10 per hour minimum wage, the increase will go into effect next week. A wage hike was approved back in 2015, but business groups sued and initially won an injunction. The court subsequently rejected the challenge in February and now with it refusing reconsideration, the court challenge is over and the city’s minimum goes to $10 this year and $11 in 2018.