As has been widely reported, President Trump has called off further negotiations with the House over another round of COVID relief legislation coming out of Congress, pointing to the alleged intransigence of House leadership to negotiate in good faith. Consequently, with only 26 days until the Presidential election (but possibly months until a winner is decided), it would appear that no further negotiations will be held until after the election. That said, as he is wont to do, the President later Tuesday sent a different message in urging Congress to pass a limited relief bill that included airline relief funding as well as $135 billion in new funding for the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses. The last version of the Heroes Act – a $2.2 trillion bill passed by the House without republican support – included $120 billion in assistance for independent restaurants (excluded franchises) but also refunded the PPP. Against that backdrop, it seems timely to revisit some of the state sponsored assistance programs that our members may want to consider.