We advised you last month and want to remind you that new tip rules will take effect in Pennsylvania today, August 5. The new rules bump the minimum amount of money an employee must receive in tips from the previous $30 per month to $135 per month before the employer can reduce the employee’s hourly wage from the $7.25 per hour minimum to as low as $2.83 per hour. In addition, the new rules align state rules with federal regulations mandating a minimum of 80 percent of the employee’s time spent on duties that directly generate tips (the 80/20 rule). Aside from the changes to the tipping rules, the Keystone State is also updating its overtime regulations and thereby ensuring that more employees can qualify for overtime pay under certain circumstances. Effective today, August 5, Pennsylvania also eliminates the “fluctuating workweek”, under which the overtime rate for salaried, non-exempt employees was paid on a half-time basis instead of the more common time-and-a-half basis. were for purposes of determining overtime pay. Henceforth the “regular rate” for calculating overtime is based on a 40-hour work week.