Similar to the experience we’ve seen with minimum wages over the past few years, the proliferation of so-called workplace fairness issues such as paid sick leave, predictive scheduling, pay equity and the like has been unrelenting and gaining steam recently. We would expect to see more of these issues surfacing in more locations in 2019. Eleven states now have some type of mandatory paid sick leave on the books, one state and a host of major municipalities now have Fair Workweek laws (predictive scheduling) in place. In addition, progressive advocacy groups around the country have let it be known that they will be putting these issues before voters in as many locales as possible. And, in those areas with paid leave, remember that employee leave accruals generally reset on the New Year and employers must be ever-mindful of laws governing employees’ entitlement to and use of their leave. In that vein, be sure that your policies and procedures have been updated to comply with these new requirements.