Earlier this week, the New York City requirement that diners must show at least proof of at least one shot of the COVID vaccine began being enforced. Notwithstanding that a lawsuit filed by a number of Big Apple restaurants last month is still pending in the courts, the city began enforcement of the Mayor’s proof of vaccine requirement on Monday. Although the order went into effect back on August 16, formal enforcement had been delayed by design until this week. Under the order, most indoor dining venues as well as indoor entertainment (movie theaters, casinos, bowling alleys, pool halls, etc.) and fitness venues (gyms, pools, fitness centers, dance studios, etc.) must have all employees vaccinated and further are required to ask patrons for proof of at least partial vaccination before allowing entry. Violations of the order are subject to fines of $1,000 for the first offense, $2,000 for the second and $5,000 for each subsequent violation. San Francisco and New Orleans also have a requirement that patrons provide proof of vaccination (New Orleans also allows for a negative COVID test) before they are allowed to dine indoors.