To welcome in the New Year, New York City Councilor Ritchie Torres filed legislation in the Council that seemingly targets tipping policies of a number of third party delivery companies such as DoorDash. Torres’ legislation, if it passes the council and is approved by Mayor de Blasio, would require certain businesses within The Big Apple to disclose how gratuities are provided to their delivery workers. The proposed ordinance, which Torres began drafting last year, seeks to mandate that customers be made aware of how much of a given tip goes directly to a delivery driver and how much, if any, is used to offset the delivery driver’s salary. It is intended to advise when food delivery apps use a portion of a gratuity against the worker’s base wage rather than giving the gratuity in full to the worker. DoorDash commented on the proposal and said that 100% of gratuities are given to the delivery worker, while Uber Eats and GrubHub both refused to comment.