New York City imposed its Fair Workweek Ordinance and just cause laws over one year ago, but this month enacted several changes to the rules governing the enforcement of both laws which employers need to be aware of. Specifically, the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection – tasked with implementing the laws – published proposed rules earlier this year dealing with the updated FWW law and new just cause law, both of which went into effect in July 2021.  Tasked with implementing the laws, the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection adopted a number of changes back in March that officially took effect last week, on June 23. The changes include a broadening of the definition of what constitutes a schedule change; the addition of some exceptions to the premium pay mandate for shortened shifts; a requirement for written consent from employees for schedule changes along with a change to the timing for work schedule changes and a reduction in potential damage payments. We found this summary by Fisher Phillips law firm to be particularly helpful in understanding the changes in the regulations.