New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a legislative package this week that gives extraordinary rights to workers of fast food establishments within the Big Apple. The package contains several bills that foist new requirements on fast food employers including scheduling workers at least two weeks in advance or be penalized by having to pay extra for shift changes. In addition, the legislation would ban unpaid “on-call” scheduling and create payroll deduction capabilities for workers to contribute to worker advocacy groups or other non-profits. Further, the new law mandates that fast food employees enjoy a minimum of 11 hour breaks between shifts and a right of first refusal for additional hours before the employer can hire extra workers. New York now joins San Francisco and Seattle, as the only cities across the country that have scheduling laws in place. There is some speculation that the state might step in and block the new regulations in favor of statewide rules. Failing that, they’ll become effective in 180 days.