Yes, start spreading the news . . . New York State may have reached the tipping point with liberal New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and some of his over-the-top edicts from on high! Last week, the legislature passed – and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law – a bill that places a moratorium on the Big Apple law imposing a $.05 per bag fee on any plastic bags. The so-called “Bring your own bag law” was set to take effect on Wednesday, February 15 and Cuomo signed the moratorium on Tuesday. Happy Valentine’s Day!! On another New York City issue that has been kicking around for several months, a New York appeals court last week upheld a lower court ruling rejecting a challenge to the NYC sodium warning label law.  The regulation, adopted by the city Health Commission back in 2015, mandates that certain chain (read: franchised) restaurants place a salt shaker image warning on any item with over 2,300 mg of sodium and violations are subject to a fine of $200! Whether the National Restaurant Association and other plaintiffs choose to pursue further appeals remains to be seen.