The 2020 contribution rate for the New York Paid Family Leave (NYPFL) program was scheduled to be set by September 1 (Sunday), but had yet to be announced at press time. The contribution rate, which was 0.153% of an employee’s wages for 2019, is the percentage of an employee’s wages that must be paid into the Paid Family Trust to help underwrite the employee leave benefit. Employees are eligible for up to 10 weeks of paid leave at 55% of their pay (for 2019) under the NYPFL with the leave and rate of pay being phased in through 2021. Currently, employees are capped at $746/week on family leave based on the statewide average weekly wage. Employer obligations under NYPFL include obtaining PFL coverage and collecting the employee payroll contributions. The annual employee contribution is capped at $107.97 for 2019. Watch for the state announcement for 2020.