In its latest draft budget for Fiscal Year 2017, the republican-controlled New York senate included a sick leave mandate on private employers.  The budget version, approved earlier this week sets up the parameters for negotiation during budget deliberations with the state Assembly.  By being included in both the Assembly and Senate versions of the budget, a conference committee will undoubtedly agree on some degree of paid sick leave mandate for all employers in the Empire State.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has advocated for mandatory paid sick leave as well as an across-the-board minimum wage of $15 per hour for all New York employees.  The senate budget document does not include the dramatic minimum wage increase pushed by Cuomo.  The governor joined a union-sponsored rally in Albany this week to denounce the senate budget’s omission of the minimum wage increase and called for adoption of both.  Interestingly, Cuomo’s original budget submission back in January did not include funding for the additional millions of dollars the state-wide increase would costs New York taxpayers.