In building a file to produce Small Regular No Sugar on a weekly basis, extreme policies proposed, considered, or enacted in New York City are regular entries for consideration – some are held until further action, others dismissed because “there’s no way they can be serious!” Well, with yesterday’s announcement that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is running for President of the United States, we thought it might be timely to empty the file a little, so note that back in March of this year, de Blasio announced that in order to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, he was mandating “Meatless Mondays” in all NYC public schools beginning next school year, notwithstanding that data shows reducing kids’ meat consumption will likely increase food waste and won’t reduce emissions. Earlier this month, he issued an executive order banning all advertisements for alcohol products on city property – including newsstands, bus shelters, phone books, recycling kiosks, etc.; and, just this week a new law became effective in New York City that bans private employers from requiring pre-employment drug testing for marijuana even though recreational us is not yet legal under New York state or city law; and remember that effective July 15, the ban on polystyrene foam containers comes into play in the Big Apple and violators will be subject to fines from the city; but there could be more, as the New York City Council is currently deliberating the mandating what is being called just cause termination. (Similar to the aforementioned ordinance just passed by Philadelphia.) That dictate will require a private employer to give a “just” cause or reason for terminating an employee and then proving that such firing was “valid”!  The Mayor wants to take these policies nationwide!