Greg Bensinger writes at Bloomberg BusinessWeek that the New York Times Co. will distribute its news to 850 television screens in Dunkin’ Donuts coffee shops and other locations in five U.S. cities to promote its brand and help sell subscriptions to the newspaper.

The publisher will stream short news blurbs to TV screens operated by San Francisco-based RMG Networks starting today, Murray Gaylord, vice president for marketing, said in an interview.

“It’s a branding play to a large degree,” Gaylord said. “We’re getting the value of our content to millions of people in a new venue that’s very important for us.”

Times Co. has been seeking new sources of revenue as circulation and advertising sales continue to slide. The New York-based publisher will begin charging for some Web content next year.

The screens will rotate business, movie, technology and health news, among other New York Times content, he said. About 20 percent of the advertisements will be for New York Times subscriptions or other products, Gaylord said.

RMG will double the number of screens — now in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston — by August and bring in new cities, Chief Executive Officer Garry McGuire said in an interview. Closely held RMG will keep the revenue it collects from advertisers.

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