Coincidentally in the wake of a story that 15,000 New York state workers earn less than $15/hour, the Wage Board appointed by Governor Cuomo postponed their July 13 decision making meeting until July 22 in Albany.  In its July 13 edition, the New York Post reported on some 15,000 state workers earning below what the Governor is advocating as a “living wage” for fast food workers – $15/hour!  Cuomo established the Wage Board, which doesn’t need legislative approval, because of a finding by the state labor commissioner that fast food workers were being inadequately compensated.  His formal finding is available here.  Ostensibly, the three-member Board, which held four public hearings around the state and lacks any representation from the restaurant industry, will recommend a higher minimum wage (possibly as much as $15) for fast food employees around the Empire State.  Now that’s chutzpah!