One had to wonder where the progressive agenda would go next relative to hiring practices and why employers may choose not to hire a particular individual.  The “Ban the Box” effort that has been spreading like a disease over the past year or so was taken to another whole level by the city of Los Angeles by the when Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the “Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative For Hiring” into law earlier this month. Historically, banning the box meant that an employer could not ask an applicant about any criminal history they may have until after the initial job interview has taken place.  That was not good enough for LA, however.  The City of Angels now prohibits employers not only from asking applicants about their criminal history, but also prohibits the question before a conditional job offer is made!  Furthermore, before an employer takes an adverse step relative to an applicant because of a criminal history, the employer must perform a “written assessment” detailing his/her reasons, tell the applicant he’s going to be taking an adverse action, wait five days and then provide it to the applicant.  If at that time, the applicant provides any additional information, then the employer must perform a “written reassessment”, consider the additional information and then make the decision – and there’s still more to it.  Oh and of course, there must be a poster advising employees of the “Fair Chance” process! You couldn’t even make this stuff up!!