Having vacated the decision by which the NLRB was re-establishing the historic definition of joint employer, the NLRB announced on Wednesday, that the agency was considering changing the definition by a regulatory rulemaking, rather than waiting for another case to raise the issue. That announcement prompted a bit of a twitter war between new Chairman John Ring and democratic board members Lauren McFerran and Mark Gaston Pearce after Ring tweeted “Uncertainty over the [joint employer] standard undermines job creation & economic expansion. The new @NLRB majority intends to get the job done.” McFerran tweeted immediately thereafter and accused the new NLRB majority of employing a “decide first, ask questions later” approach. After Ring responded via twitter, Gaston Pearce jumped into the fray with a couple of tweets of his own! We’re sure they’ll be more tweets to come! And, speaking of director Mark Gaston Pearce, the Inspector General has also this week apparently cleared him of illegally leaking information about the NLRB deciding to vacate the Hy-Brand decision. He had been accused of releasing that information prematurely to an American Bar Association audience in Puerto Rico.