With the United States Senate back in session over one week now, we’re still awaiting its confirmation vote on NLRB nominee William Emanuel. Although Emanuel was nominated in June, one week after new NLRB member Marvin Kaplan (who was confirmed back in early August), his confirmation was stalled in the Senate due to his delay in completing the requisite federal disclosures. We hope the Senate will take up the nomination soon. In the meantime, speculation abounds on two other positions that President Trump will soon fill at the independent agency: General Counsel (current GC Richard Griffin term ends November 4) and Chairman. Current Chairman Philip Miscimarra, whose term expires on December 16, has advised that he will not accept a new term and some speculate that DC-based management-side attorney John Ring may be under consideration for his seat. As we previously reported, Vermont attorney Peter Robb may be under serious consideration for the General Counsel post.