Speaking of the NLRB, in the wake of it vacating its decision in the Hy-Brand case two weeks ago which restored the expansive definition of joint-employer, it has asked the DC Court of Appeals to resurrect its judicial review of the Browning-Ferris decision. You will recall that Browning-Ferris was working its way through the courts when the NLRB overturned the 2015 decision back in December 2017. Consequently, the court ruled the review mooted by the NLRB decision in Hy-Brand which overturned Browning-Ferris and therefore dismissed the review. Now, with Browning-Ferris again the law of the land due to NLRB vacating the Hy-Brand decision, the agency wants the court to pick up the case again and rule on the legality of the 2015 decision.