The National Law Relations Board (NLRB) earlier this month announced that it had won the largest settlement in history for unfair labor practices – $76 million – and the culprit was none other than CNN! The case began back in 2003 after CNN terminated a contract with a union company (Team Video Services) and replaced that company with a non-union one. CNN then advised the 300 terminated employees of TVS that their former union employment disqualified them from working for CNN going forward.  Through years of court battles, the issues remained unresolved until 2014, when the NLRB ordered CNN to bargain with the unions and provide backpay to the affected employees. A 2017 decision by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the NLRB findings and remanded other issues back to the agency. Ultimately the parties agreed to resolve the remaining issues through the agency’s Alternate Dispute Resolution Process, which finally established the $76 million settlement figure!