The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is flexing more of its pro-union muscle against Starbucks as the government agency leveled no fewer than 33 unfair labor practice complaints against the company. The NLRB complaints, filed by the Regional Director for the Buffalo New York Region, stem from the initial unionizing efforts within Starbucks. Notwithstanding a business’ right to try and convince workers not to support unionizing, the NLRB complaint begins a lengthy litigation process that includes both sides being heard and presenting evidence. It constitutes an NLRB allegation (or a host of them) rather than a legal ruling by the agency. As a preface to settling the allegations, the NLRB General Counsel wants the reinstatement of 7 terminated workers as well as a videotaped all employee meeting (including union and government representatives) at which either CEO Howard Schultz or EVP Rossann Williams would read a notice of the rights of all employees. Don’t expect either to happen without a corresponding court order.