NLRB continues to make headlines under the more business-friendly Trump administration. This week, the agency extended the deadline for public comments to be submitted on the ambush or so-called “quickie” election until March 19, 2018. Back in 2015 under the Obama administration, NLRB ordered a significant reduction in the time required for a union representation election. Prior to that change, the average time from filing a representation petition to completion of the election was 6 weeks, but under the Obama change on April 14, 2015, that average time dropped to 23 days! On the question of workplace rules, the agency will have another opportunity to apply the new standards it adopted last month in a case involving Boeing, since the US Court of Appeals in DC has remanded the case of The Daily Grill v Unite Here, Local 11 to the agency. In 2016, the NLRB found the California-based restaurant chain’s rules unlawful.