Earlier this week, National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Chairman John Ring made it clear that the agency will clarify its position on the joint employer issue sometime this summer. There has been discussion about how and when the agency would undo the Obama rule that dramatically expanded the definition of joint employer and cast a significantly wider net over businesses. Initially, the Trump board overturned the expansion of joint employer (Browning-Ferris decision) when it decided the Hy-Brand case in December. Subsequently however, the Inspector General concluded one member should have recused himself and the Board then vacated that decision. Since that time, 3 democratic Senators in particular (Sanders-VT, Warren-MA and Gillibrand-NY) have questioned the ethics of the NLRB reverting to the historic joint employer definition by regulation instead of by case law. In his response letter to the three, Ring advised them that the issue will be resolved by regulation this summer.