On Wednesday, the US Senate gave final confirmation to Marvin Kaplan, one of President Trump’s nominees to fill an open seat on the National Labor Relations Board. Kaplan, an attorney who has been serving as the Counsel for Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission since 2015 (he was appointed to the post by President Obama), was approved on a straight party line vote of 50-48. Republican Senators John McCain (AZ) and Richard Burr (NC) were absent. The confirmation leaves Attorney William Emanuel, Trump’s other open seat nominee, as the final confirmation to occur before the NLRB is at a full complement of 5 Members, with a republican majority for the first time since the George W. Bush administration (3 Republican, 2 Democrat). Senate democrats were unanimous in their opposition to the Kaplan nomination. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a former law professor, lead the charge against him, complaining that he had “no experience practicing labor law”! Isn’t that the pot calling out the kettle?