Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board officially overturned its egregious joint-employer standard (imposed by the Obama NLRB in its Browning-Ferris decision in 2015) and restored the historical standard of “direct and immediate” control. Now with a 3-2 republican majority under President Trump, the NLRB ruled yesterday on a 3-2 party-line vote that the standard created by the Browning-Ferris decision was “a distortion of common law … ill-advised as a matter of policy, and its application would prevent the Board from discharging one of its primary responsibilities …, which is to foster stability in labor-management relations.” The majority also said that while the board in Browning was driven by a “well-intentioned” desire to protect employees’ collective bargaining rights with third parties, the standard it created has five “major” problems, including that the BFI test exceeded NLRB’s statutory authority and such a change was “solely within the province of Congress.” Long time coming, but they get it right in the end!!