With the National Labor Relations Board now at full strength, with his final Director appointments confirmed, sworn in and seated, President Trump this week announced his nomination of antitrust attorney Joseph Simons as the new chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Simons, whose formal appointment is also subject to US Senate confirmation, is co-chairman of the antitrust group at the law firm Paul Weiss and previously served in the FTC during the George W Bush administration. Also, the President indicated he will nominate attorney Noah Phillips and consumer advocate Rohit Chopra for the remaining open republican and democratic seats respectively. His nominee for NLRB General Counsel, Vermont Attorney Peter Robb, was advanced by the Health Education Labor & Pension Committee (HELP) this week on a party line vote and is expected to ultimately be confirmed to the critical post by the time the contract of current general counsel Richard Griffin expires next month. In addition, the HELP Committee advanced the nominations of Patrick Pizzella as Deputy Secretary of Labor and Cheryl Stanton as Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division along with a host of others – all on a 12 – 11 party line vote.